Stainless Brewing Coffee Urn

(Available in 55 cup or 100 cup)

Stainless Pitcher


Insulated Beverage Pitcher


12 oz. porcelain pitcher

Stainless Samovar


Glass Pitcher


Full Carafe

(One Liter)

salt and pepper shakers


Brushed AirPot


Glass Beverage Dispenser

(3 Gallons)

Half Carafe

(Half Liter)

11" x 14" Aurora serving Platter


Serving Utensils

Fork, Spoon, Scissor Tongs

*Additional Serving Utensils Available

16" x 22" Oval SErving Tray


12" Round Serving Tray


4 Qt. Round Chafing Dish


Glass Cream and Sugar Set


8 Oz. and 4 Oz. White Ramekins


6 or 13 Oz. Glass Bowl


Silver Oval Bread Basket


9" Aurora Serving Bowl


Bartender's Kit

Corkscrew, Shaker, Knife, Cutting Board

*Bar Mops Available

18" x 23" Serving Tray


Carving Station


8 Qt. Chafing Dish


Ivory and Gold Cream and Sugar Set


6 Oz. Ivory Ramekin


Wicker Bread Basket


Silver Round Bread Basket